Wonderroot Film Festival / Atlanta, Georgia

A quarterly film series that showcases work by Atlanta-based filmmakers at the historic Plaza Theatre. 

Our film won the audience award for best film. 


The Art of Body Exhibit  / Atlanta, Georgia

The Art of Body Experience is a photography inspired art exhibition exploring the subtle shapes, contours and movements of the human body in its natural state. Each aspect of The Art of Body Experience combined in a way that transformed the space into a breathing, interactive, multimedia exposition. 


Adirondack Film Festival / Adironack, New York

The Adirondack Film Festival in Glens Falls, NY is the only film festival in the country operated by a prominent professional theatre company – the Adirondack Theatre Festival. Because AFF spans the gap of theatre and film, it has the ability to offer a unique vantage point for a film festival as it embraces the similarities and differences in storytelling and the process from page to stage to screen. Our work was screened here. 



Lumen Atina Residency 2017 Exhibition / London, England & Atina, Italy 

This two-week residency is set up to help like-minded artists from multi-disciplines develop their practice in a relaxed, yet productive environment. The peaceful village of Atina, situated 154km from Rome in the province of Frosinone-Lazio, benefits from natural darkness, natural beauty and is a great spot for viewing the Moon, stars and meteor showers. Staying on site, artists had the opportunity to create works responding to the variety of astronomical sights found there, to be showcased in exhibitions in Atina and London. .


2017 Annual #WeLoveAtl Retrospective Show / Atlanta, Georgia 


The goal of #weloveatl is to bring the citizens of Atlanta together to tell simple & authentic photographic stories of their love for the city and the people that inhabit it.


PRYME Editions About Self

One of the challenging aspects of self-portraiture can be tackling the technicalities of it all: how and where to place yourself in the frame, composing and taking the shot. A lot of my own instant film work has been reliant on having long legs and big toes to press the shutter release cable out of shot. These elements are heightened when using instant film because you need to use up some film to see what you've got and what to change - if anything. This is also part of the fun and opens you up to embracing serendipity and even mistakes. There's nothing that says you even need to be in a self-portrait to call it a self-portrait. Sharing a part of yourself, a memory or a story doesn't mean that you need to be visible in the image to do that, just the conductor.



In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and in coordination with UGA's LACSI Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute - UGAand Romance Languages at UGA, Cine presented the work of Latino American authors


Latin American Film Series / Athens, Georgia 

Ni Aquí Ni Allá is a multimedia performance and installation giving voice to Atlanta's Latinx community.

"We will revisit our childhood memories, our family traditions, our spiritual roots through a lens polished with subversion and decolonization. These are the moments that colored our lives and firmly grounded us in the cultures and narratives we have become geographically removed from. Ni Aquí Ni Allá is a window onto a vital facet of American culture, and we welcome people of all backgrounds to indulge in our uniquely American blend of Latin cultures and traditions, uprooted and replanted. Through nostalgia and symbolic repurposing, Ni Aquí Ni Allá is a space for defining, decolonizing, and reclaiming our Latinx identity in all of its prismatic splendor."

Ni Aquí Ni Allá / Atlanta, Georgia