Red Cross

The main demographic giving blood is aging out and not being replaced.

To reach out to a younger demographic, American Red Cross will offer them what they value most:

A way to travel.

Blood for Skymiles.



The centerpiece of our campaign is The Blood Card. This is where the Sky Miles are loaded.


To start, we’ll tap influencers. Donors who post a picture of their plane bandage with the hashtag #ALittleBloodGoesFar and #Travel will get the Blood Card.


And we’ll reach out through social.


Much like Delta already does with their Skyclub, we’ll create a space in airports specifically for people who’ve donated. A place to stretch your legs and feel good about what you’ve done.


And, of course, priority boarding.


All this scrolling has got me thirsty. Don’t mind if I do.


CW: Juan Camillo Garza

AD: Jack Blair